Next Meeting:

Fall CRN Network Meeting
When:  Friday September 29, 2023

               8:30 – 10:30 am

Where: Community Campus
                100 Campus Drive 
                Portsmouth, NH

The mission of the Community Resource Network (CRN) is to assist its members to best serve the needs of our community in order to assure its strength and health.

By offering networking meetings and learning opportunities to non-profits in eastern Rockingham County, Strafford County and southern York County the CRN helps non-profit staff be better informed resources for the people they serve.

CRN Networking meetings are scheduled 3 times a year to provide the opportunity to hear about services/programs and resources in the region. The network meetings provide a time and place for staff members of various agencies to put a face to the voice they have been working with to access services for their clients. It is a great place for new hires to hear about 30 or more agencies/programs in one sitting. It provides a venue to start a conversation about issues, services, gaps, needs.

The CRN is an integral part of the Rockingham County Community Resource Network (RCCRN). Families First Health and Support Center is the RCCRN’s fiscal sponsor. For that we are very grateful.

And we are extremely grateful to all of the CRN Member agencies who support the CRN by donating to the CRN. Those Donations are the funding source for the:

  • 3 CRN Networking meetings and
  • Development and updating the compilation of agencies that can be downloaded from the CRN Website;
  • Time that the CRN director can spend with students, interns, people newly graduated with Masters Degrees, non-profit professionals looking for employment in the area, new staff of various agencies;
  • Time to brain storm when workers need help finding resources for their clients;
  • Time to assist various coalitions and projects in the region to address needs, including:
    • The Seacoast Veterans Conferences
    • Seacoast Public Health Network – Falls Prevention Sub-committee

Does your agency see a need to bring other agencies to the table to discuss/develop solutions? Contact Susan Turner at [email protected]– that is what the RCCRN does.